Intro to PsychedSounds

Mic check one.. two..

Hey so I decided to start this blog about mostly music, but I feel occasionally I’m going to include some art and other shit that I like. Mainly this is about me thinking I have decent taste in music and me wanting to show anyone that will listen.

So I’m going to start with this very dull story of where I’m coming from and then we can move forward and I’ll never feel like I left you guys hanging, got it? Good!

So for starters I pretty much developed my taste in music from my parents, my dad was and still is a HUGE influence on what I listen to. He even knows this because he says I copy him all the time (a little annoying), but very much true! He got me hooked on the show It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia! (but I’ll never admit that to his face). Anyway.. he introduced me to classic rock, west coast hip-hop, oldies, Soul, Funk, R&B, Jazz, and the ever so fabulous Disco! (my dad LOVES disco) which is really funny to me but when I hear “I love the night life” by Alicia Bridges, I can’t help but boogie! Im a natural born boogie disco baby (horrible dancer I might add). I dance like Elaine Benes and you’ll only get that if you know Seinfeld. Anyway..

So my dad introduced me to those genres, but my mom was pretty heavy on showing me new wave, rock in espanol, spanish music, plenty of that original Motown sound (which in my opinion should be a genre) and lastly of course my mom very much likes disco too. Im blessed with disco, I know.

Obviously your parents are going to be your main influences in everything including music, but where would a little sister be if she didn’t also copy her older brother’s taste in music?

My brother showed me grunge, alternative rock, and also opened my ears to many other genres I had no idea about! Although it was a challenge to tap into his music, for the reason being that he would totally WWF body slam me if he caught me sneaking into his cd collection and stealing his MP3 player, that risk was totally worth it! Thank you brother for showing me Radiohead!

Im a 90’s baby and proud of that! Just letting ya know that because it kind of shows also what generation I’m coming from (yes, I do very much like Nsync and Britney Spears; not sorry). Everyone says my generation is fucked in many aspects of life, but I say we’re fortunate. We got the last grand portion of cool style, music, and entertainment, AND we also got the beginning experience of new technology and everything that comes along with the internet. I say any baby born in 2000’s is fucked, they really have nothing original in their time. Anyway..Sorry for that tangent.

But yeah so I usually like a bit of every type of music. I have very open ears to music and I am still continuing to expand my repertoire. So if you enjoy any of those genres I included, stop by my blog! Im still on the hunt for new music also so please don’t assume I’m only going to bring disco and 90’s pop to this page! I’ll be including a lot of new bands that I’m currently listening to, music events in Los Angeles, and a lot of must have songs!

My name’s Alexis by the way..

Good vibes only please! 


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