So I feel like my words might be perceived as fighting words, but when I discuss Madlib I have to clarify that J Dilla vs. Madlib; I just connect more with Madlib. Im not dismissing the talent of J Dilla in any form, it’s just the connection I get from Madlib overpowers. Just my two cents, we can fight about it if you want.


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  1. Dope! yeah sounds interesting! Definitely shoot a message through my contact link and we can email and exchange info from there. Im still getting adjusted to using my blog so bare with me if it’s taking me a while to get back to you on here!


  2. And I hardly comment – but i like your music taste and that you like Its Always Sunny šŸ˜Ž i relate to that humor WAY MORE than like say, How I met your mother, which is cool, just not how i and my friends HANG.

    would love to discuss having you as an additional writer (purely hip-hop) on my blog if you’d consider it. and we can talk more.

    Be well Alexis!


    1. Hey! Thanks! Yeah I’m trying to be consistent with my posts! Haha yeah definitely it’s always sunny is hands down one of my favorite shows! Oh cool, so what did you have in mind for me to write?


      1. yeah, consistency is everything; especially when we’re traveling or busy with work it seems šŸ™‚

        with regards to the writing – i have a few ideas i’d like to float if you’re open to talking on skype.

        The gist of it is I’d like to have another DOPE voice on the blog, and it’s definitely a plus if its coming from the opposite gender who also appreciates GOOD music, and i think it wold be a great complement and balance.

        obviously we have to talk about semantics and stuff, and get to know each other a little better before we can work together.

        but would love to explore the possibility nevertheless. also I want to state this upfront, I don’t make any money from the BLOG and it’s just something I love doing, so that means its unpaid. but that doesn’t mean that we can’t build a TEAM and do great things together. and its been a minute, that I’ve been casually looking for another writer, that shares similar values.


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